10 Most Popular TikTok Celebrities in 2023

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TikTok has been one of the popular social media platforms in recent years, and several people have become stars because of that particular social media platform. On this platform, users can post different kinds of videos according to their wishes, and there are several restrictions and rules for people to follow in this application. This social media platform is available as a mobile application and works with some complex algorithms that make it more attractive. 

In TikTok, people can upload videos on different genres, each with separate fan groups. So, people who need to see videos of particular genres can choose them as per their needs. Similarly, the top TIKTOK stars 2023 will have more fan followings and several fan pages according to their popularity. These famous people will get the highest number of likes for their videos and earn in several ways through this popularity.  

How do people become TIKTOK stars in 2023?

TIKTOK help people to explore their talents and share them with millions worldwide. So, this platform has no barrier between ordinary people and individual users. It is the primary reason behind the users’ popularity. Along with that, the application will have some special algorithm to provide specific content for individuals according to their taste and help people to know more people with talents. 

So, by posting more quality content, people can gain their interest, making them more popular among the community. Similarly, many ordinary people become famous because of their quality TIKTOK content, attracting more people. People on the platform have become famous and the top TIKTOK stars 2023 because of the types of videos they post and their nature. Some may post tricks, and some may do hilarious things. 

So, the popularity of this platform depends on the quality and nature of the content, and sometimes facial attraction and beautiful appearance are some reasons behind their popularity. Many famous movie stars are also on this list, and apart from their movie fame, they also have more favor through this platform, making them well-known stars of this platform. 

List of top most popular TIKTOK stars 2023 in the US

The details about the list of top TIKTOKers will be according to their fame, followers count and likes count. So, people who need to have a list of famous TIKTOK stars 2023 should have all the necessary details to make it perfect, and every day the count will change due to various technical reasons. So, some of the most popular TIKTOK stars 2023 in the US are

  1. Charli D’amelio
  2. Bella Poarch
  3. Addison Rae
  4. Will Smith
  5. Zach King
  6. TikTok
  7. Dixie
  8. Spencer X
  9. Jason Derulo
  10. Michael Le

So these are the top TIKTOK stars of the United States, and each has more followers and likes on this social media platform. Along with those details, people can also know the count of videos they post on this platform. Each person in this list has their style of videos, and each will have more differences. So, knowing the contents of these people will help people who need to be popular on this platform. 

  • Charli D’amelio

 She is the topper on the list of TIKTOK stars 2023, and her videos provide this height with lots of popularity. Charli D’amelio is well-known for her dance moves and choreography in TIKTOK videos, making her famous. She also has some private shows on various streaming platforms, beginning with her TikTok videos. 

This social media platform makes celebrities from the group of ordinary people, and that’s how Charli also started her career on this platform. Later she got more viewers to enjoy her style of videos, and they also liked to ask for more similar videos from her. So this makes her the person with a high number of followers on the platform. 

She got about 141,200,000 followers and 10,900,000,000 likes with 2211 posts from her account. So, there are details about her TikTok history, which helps her become a famous star with more popularity in the US. The hard work of her videos raised her to this position and stayed as the best example for people to work hard with passion for achieving what they deserve. 

  • Bella Poarch

Bella Poarch is the second most famous TikTok celebrity, and she is a singer and a favorite social media celebrity for many people. She is a Filipino-American who started her account with TIKTOK and created videos. Her one video where she was lip-sinking M to the B song went viral and helped her to gain more likes for that particular video on 17th august of 2020. 

So similarly, the collection of many popular videos is the reason behind her popularity. Though she is one of the top TIKTOK stars, she has massive account records on her TikTok.

She has a follower count of 89,900,000 with a likes count of 2,100,000,000. Till now, she has uploaded 470 videos with her face. So, these are the facts that make her popular among people. 

  • Addison Rae

The third most like Tiktoker on the entire platform, and she is well known for her attractive dance moves and ultra-modern outfits. She is famous for these reasons, and many people like to see her videos for various reasons. The total views of her account are about 148.60 million, and she has a follower count of more than 88.7 million. The content quality is also the reason for her popularity. 

  • Will Smith

People who are fans of Hollywood movies will know about Will Smith, a famous Hollywood actor who starred in various popular films with worldwide reach. So, he has a TikTok account and sometimes posts many videos of himself and his family. He is the 4th most popular personality on TikTok, and he has 72,200,000 followers with 488,800,000 likes for his 136 posts. His TikTok page is a platform for fans to interact with him directly. 

  • Zach King

People who love high-quality edited magic videos are the followers of Zack king, who is famous on TikTok for his illusion videos with top reality. That is the point of attraction that makes him the fifth most popular person on the list of top TIKTOK stars in the United States. He has the followers count of 68,600,000 with 872,800,000 for 336 posts. High-quality video editing and illusions are the attractions of his videos. 

  • TikTok

TikTok has an individual account on the platform, and the team behind that account will post various videos and announcements for their followers. Though they are the creators, several followers are in that particular account, and many follow that account to get the latest updates from the developers. 

It has a follower count of 62,700,000, with likes of 271,000,000 for 342 posts. Most people are in the list of the top TIKTOK stars should fight with this account to move in the list of top five celebrities on TikTok. Though several new talents are rising among people, this list will not remain the same for a long time. 

  • Dixie

Dixie D’amelio is the second TikTok celebrity in her house because she is the elder sister of the famous TikTok fame Charli D’amelio. She posts dance videos and choreographies like her sister, gaining more followers and likes than her sister. Though she started late, she has a follower count of 57,400,000 and 3,200,000,000 with posts of 472. Most people who like to become one of the top TIKTOK stars like these people can follow her steps to get fame, but her family is also a reason for her popularity. 

  • Spencer X

Spencer X, or spencer Polanco Knight is a Manhattan beatboxer who is well known for his beatboxing videos on various social media platforms. Now, he is also popular on the TikTok platform. People follow him for his soft beatboxing videos and fast-paced music tracks that attract many people. So, most US people like beatboxing, and they are fans of that music art.

Spencer got 55,000,000 followers with a like count of 1,200,000,000, and he posted more than 1302 videos on his official TikTok account. People who need to become one of these top TIKTOK stars in beatboxing can follow this man and get more ideas to become one among them. 

  • Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo is a famous singer and energetic songwriter and is also well known for his mesmerizing dance moves. Though his professional name is Jason Derulo, his original name is Jason Joel Desrouleaux. Due to his songs and dance, he is so prevalent in his real life, and he is also a famous person on the TikTok platform by participating in the latest trends and his original video creations. 

He has 52,400,000 followers with 1,200,000,000 like for this 776 videos in the TikTok platform. All his crazy trends and stunning videos feature him in the list of top TIKTOK stars, and he worked hard in his career to become popular among the stars. 

  • Michael Le

This Michael Le is a popular dancer and famous social media personality who is popular because of his TikTok account. Most people like his way of dancing, and some may admire his beauty. But, he has lots of people to like and follow him. Inspiring people with dance will need more physical effort than other varieties of videos. 

He makes quality videos that help him reach the top TIKTOK stars 2023 list. 51,400,000 is this man’s followers count with 1,400,000,000 like for 1270 videos with real content. So, these are some points to know about Michael Le. He is also known as @justmaiko to his fans.


So, these are the points that people need to know about the top TIKTOK stars 2023 in the United States, and each has an inspiring story of becoming a star on their way. In this list, only a few are already famous because of their work, and most are popular due to this social media platform. 

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