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15 Modern Men’s Skincare Products

More and more beauty brands are focusing on the male demographic, tapping into an intensifying demand for effective and modern men’s skincare products.

Brands like Shiseido are ahead of the curve, realizing that the capabilities and needs of men’s skin are vastly different from those of women. This is why the company reformulated its iconic Ultimune serum for the male demographic. Aiming to minimize signs of aging and strengthen the skin’s defenses, the powerful beauty innovation relies on Triple TSUBAKI Technology, which contains antioxidant Japanese camellia extract.

Caldera + Lab also boasts a number of modern men’s skincare products that bring the power of nature to one’s routine. Its most recent releases include the Clean Slate pH-balanced cleanser and the Base Layer moisturizer. Both promise to deeply nourish and soothe the skin.

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