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7 Tricks About Cakes You Wish You Knew Before

Don’t just look at your favorite cake and think that’s the one you like the best, but there is more to it than you think! Some cake recipes are different from others because every recipe has its flavor that can change depending on the occasion, but they are all very easy to make. It’s important to be creative and develop new ideas so that your friends are satisfied. Try these seven tricks of baking that will please even the simplest people.

1- Add Some Lemon Juice!

You may not think that lemon juice is necessary to have in your cake, but you will be surprised by knowing how many parties you will make a better birthday cake without lemon juice or lemon wedges because lemon juice is essential. If you feel like having it, add about 1/4 of fresh lemon juice inside your cake mix, and you’ll have everything.

2- Make Use Of The Sugar Cube

You may not have heard about sugar cubes until then, but it is an amazing tool to cut a cake and to cut them into shape so you can decorate it to your liking. The cubes are useful for cutting the layers and making small slices on the layers. We will tell you more about why you should include sugar cubes in your cake. Find out some amazing cakes online and have the best deal on them. In addition to that, you need to pay attention to the consistency of the icing cream. It can be as simple as chocolate icing, and sometimes you need to check what kind of ingredients are used on the layers. Moreover, you can ask for online cake delivery in UK, USA or other countries.

3- Use Buttercream Instead Of Icing Cream

You have heard that there is a difference when using different types of icing cream. But in reality, it doesn’t matter if you choose between meringue or mousse; it is the same; only you need to be careful while mixing the two. Another reason to avoid choosing the wrong type of icing cream is that it can affect your taste buds and your health. Therefore, try to avoid adding too much icing cream to the batter. The texture and its size also matter. You can get the right choice for your dessert according to your preferences.

4- Bake Cookies Instead Of Cakes

More people like to bake the cookies, and even if you want to make a cake, you can always have them make cookies. People think that this is hard since there are many steps involved in doing it. But you don’t need to be too hard when making baked foods. It is not expensive either to make cookies. There are so many recipes online if you want to create and bake homemade desserts with your children. Check out some children’s special cakes and buy and send cake to Canada online to have the best taste for your kids.

5- Keep The Egg Whites Safe

Unless you’re taking care of the eggs, make sure you keep them safe while preparing the batter. Not only that but also to prevent the moisture from getting inside the batter (mixed), it will produce lumps and breakage of the eggs. Since the air inside the mixture is dry, it will release an oily residue inside. It isn’t good for both your skin and the environment. So, wash them immediately before serving.

6- Cut Out The Lemon Juice

You should never forget about lemons, and how can you use them for baking purposes? Firstly, lemon juice can destroy the delicate layers that make our foods. Secondly, this ingredient is acidic. When you take a bite of a slice of lemon, it will make your mouth salty. When you cut out the lemon juice, you will feel a little sour. Also, lemon does not help to remove the oil from your cake. That is why it is better to use another ingredient such as coffee or milk to remove the oil when mixed with your batter.

7- Baking Soda

You may have heard about baking soda, but it is not something you can find at home. However, this basic chemical is used in other activities. We eat it in our food, so paying extra attention while making our cakes is worth paying extra attention to. It makes each layer thicker. It can also make your cake soft and light on the outside but hard on the inside. And it looks good because it glows in front of the eyes of the person that is looking at it. So, take a chance on it and use it appropriately.


Although your cakes can look awesome and delicious as long as you have a strong imagination, sometimes you need to prepare a few things beforehand to make everything look perfect. By following these tips, you can come up with an impressive cake and fun for your friends to watch.

I hope that you will love your cake and make it wonderful to see!

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