Tuesday, February 7, 2023

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9 Pragmatic Gifting Ideas for Your Girlfriend | Billbon

Christmas and New Year’s are near, and the internet is flooded with questions revolving around the best gifting options for their loved ones. This blog has listed some of the most thoughtful gifting options for your girlfriend/wife that she will love.

WFH Accessories

The pandemic changed the way we work, and WFH has become the new normal. The excessive hours that one spends before the screen, sitting on the bed in wrong postures, affects the vision and results in back problems. Thus, you can get a Blue-Ray screen guard for her laptop that minimizes the effect of light emitted from the device. You can also get her laptop desks with adjustable legs, posture correctors, cushioned chairs, and other accessories to help sit in the right position before the laptop.

Sexy Lingerie

We are near to welcoming the new year, and many special nights fall in a row. You can get her sexy lingerie for women, making her outfits more beautiful in the day and her body more attractive at night. Also, if you are planning to gift sexy lingerie to your girlfriend, make sure you have that level of understanding, and your gift will not be taken in the wrong way.


A woman can never have enough perfumes, and you can get her go-to fragrances or one customized that resembles how she smells to you. Customized perfumes are the trendiest gifting option currently, and you can easily get it done from any online store.

Plants and Potters

With the rise in pollution and unrestricted deforestation, nature is getting farther and farther from us. You can get her some shrubs like basil (tulsi), aloe vera, roses, and a variety of other colorful bushes that will enhance the ambiance of her house, as well as bring nature to her doorstep.

Full Body Checkup

Baffled? Let me explain. If your girlfriend or wife has crossed 30, a half-yearly body checkup is a mandate, not just for her but for you. Book a full-body check appointment for her, and in a real sense, show her how much her well-being and good health matter to you. A regular body checkup can detect many bodily issues such as breast cancer and others, and determination early can save suffering and pain.

Tops for women

One of the easiest and safest gifting options for women is western wear tops. Online and offline stores selling apparel are flooded with tops for women, and choosing a few is a cakewalk. You need to have her exact size handy, and if you do not know, you can analyze by seeing the top, whether it will fit her or not.

Pop the Question

If you have been dating for long or have shared quality time, and you are sure she is the one, this is the right time to pop the question. The year is ending, and we are ready to step in the new year, so what better way to start the new year than sealing the deal forever. Get her a ring, set a date exactly the way she likes, and ask those magical four words.

Customized Goodies

Women love efforts and treasure gifts specially curated for them by their partners. You can get her customized cups, keychains, fridge magnets, twinning hoodies or T-shirts for both of you, pillows and quilts with your pictures, or a magazine that contains both of your fondest memories of each other with little handwritten notes by you. You can either gift any of these customized presents or create a bag of these personalized goodies.

Neck Pillow

If your girl loves traveling, a neck pillow is the most usable gift option you can get her. A neck pillow for traveling is designed to support the head of the traveler without straining the back, neck, or shoulders while sleeping or relaxing in the congested seat. You can also get a customized neck pillow for her, bearing her initials or your couple hashtag.

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