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Advanced Skincare Lotions : Olay Body’s Lotion

Body lotions are often positioned as a separate entity outside of face skincare that doesn’t follow on the same trajectory with the latest ingredients, which is all set to change with the new Olay Body’s Lotion collection. The product line includes three lotions to choose from that include Revitalizing, Firming and Nourishing, which are packed with vitamin C, collagen and Hyaluronic Acid, respectively. These formulas help to hydrate the skin, increase cell turnover, hold onto water and not leave behind a greasy residue.

Senior Brand Director for Olay Body Selina Phillips spoke on the new Olay Body’s Lotion collection saying, “As we continue to elevate the body care category at Olay, our mission remains the same: to provide the skin benefits she seeks from the products in her body care, which includes body lotion. With the addition of this new collection to our body care line-up, we close the gap in her hydration needs, as well as her full skin regimen from top to bottom, so that she can feel confident in her skin.”

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