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Aerospace-Inspired Trackable Cardholders : Ekster

Ekster, a tech brand known for its innovative trackable smart wallets, has released a new limited-edition collection of high-tech cardholders. The new collection is comprised of two iterations, the ‘Aluminum Cardholder’ and the ‘Carbon Fiber Cardholder.’

According to the company, the ‘Aluminum Cardholder’ is made from the same material used on NASA spaceships, while the ‘Carbon Fiber Cardholder’ boasts a super lightweight design that is 10 times stronger than steel. Both units come equipped with a one-button card release feature and are trackable via Ekster’s solar-powered tracking system, which is compatible with a variety of apps including Alexa, Google Home, and Apple AirTag.

“Our design team often looks to military and aerospace engineers for new materials to experiment with,” explains Eskter’s founder Olivier Momma, referencing the high-grade material used to craft the newly released cardholders.

Image Credit: Esker

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