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Agricultural Waste Sneakers : field to foot sneaker

KEEN’s Field to Foot sneaker taps into a proprietary manufacturing method that uses agricultural waste to create footwear with plant-based soles and without chemical solvents. The F2F sneaker fits into the brand’s Detox The Planet Initiative and this innovation from KEEN’s Advanced Concepts Team is launching as a limited-edition design. First up, there’s the Eldon sneaker for men and the Elsa V sneaker for women. Although KEEN has been working with harvested waste materials in its footwear since 2007, the cutting-edge technology behind the F2F sneaker has been two years in the making.

Along with introducing Field to Foot sneakers with all-natural uppers, the brand is introducing the “unbox” as a packaging solution that needs about 63% less cardboard than a traditional shoebox and boasts the benefit of being 100% biodegradable.

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