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AI-Developed Cosmetic Formulas : Skincaringmakeup

The #skincaringmakeup collection by Lubrizol Life Science Beauty is said to combine the best of skincare and color cosmetics with insights provided by artificial intelligence. The collection includes 12 new formulations for the face, eyes, and lips.

Each product is made with Lubrizol Life Science Beauty active and functional ingredients. They are formulated to deliver consumer-desired benefits, which the brand identified with AI leverage. The company’s color cosmetics team worked with FOresee Lab to spot advanced trends. They leveraged AI technology to acquire data and insights from social media conversations surrounding cosmetics. The analysis directed the team to focus on five targeted and trending benefits: smoothness, long-wear, color pigmentation, protection, and moisturization.

The #skincaringmakeup collection helps consumers reach their long-term skin health goals.

Image Credit: Lubrizol

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