Air Zoom Alphafly Next Nature

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Nike has announced the launch of the ‘Air Zoom Alphafly Next Nature,’ the sportswear giant’s most sustainable performance sneaker yet.

Set to be released as part of the brand’s ‘Move to Zero’ campaign, the new running shoe is made from 50% recycled material and crafted using sustainable production methods, drastically reducing its carbon footprint. The model boasts a 70% recycled foam midsole, a partially recycled 3D printed textile finish, and a 100% recycled ‘ZoomX Sockliner.’

While sustainability certainly guided the design of the ‘Air Zoom Alphafly Next Nature,’ this eco-friendly running shoe does not skimp on high-performance elements. Optimized using circular designs principles and crafted in accordance with actual athlete’s inputs, these sneakers are completely on par with Nike’s other ‘NEXT%’ models.

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