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Benefits of Hiring a Professional Security Guard — Their Authorities and Limitations

When someone hires a security guard for either their families or their properties, they try to ensure the safety of their loved ones, and their prized possessions. A person hires a security guard for two main reasons; one, to prevent any kind of threats, such as theft or burglary, and two, to resolve any problem if they arise. There are three sectors where security guards can be hired, such as residence, industry, and corporate sectors. If business owner does not appoint a security guard at their offices, they might be faced with a loss of money and information.

A competent and experienced security guard will always have an extra pair of eyes set in areas that normal people tend to overlook. They will not allow any passer-by to enter your office premises without proper proof of authenticity. There are several benefits that you can receive if you hire a professional security guard. Here, some benefits are listed.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Security Guard

If a business owner hires a professional security guard, she is making sure that all her employees and customers are safe and secure, and the business is running smoothly.

  • A trained security guard will never let their guard down, and by doing so they will ensure security for the respective establishments.
  • They are usually armed, which is beneficial because criminals would think twice before approaching the property.
  • Security guards help customers with directions who are vising for the first time.
  • If an office is situated in a high-risk area, then having a private security guard will ensure its protection.
  • If your office does business with extremely pricy valuables, then criminal-eyes must fall on it. Here, having a professional security guard is highly effective.
  • Security guards are trained to act smartly in dire situations and emergencies, such as natural phenomena, medical emergencies, or a fire breakout.
  • They are brilliant at maintaining an atmosphere of discipline in the office premises.

Security guards are bestowed with a bounty of authority. Mentioned below are some of their powers that they can exercise upon required circumstances.

  • If a security guard is authorised to search a person’s belongings if they deem the latter suspicious. They can ask a person to show whatever they are carrying inside their bags. A security guard is well bound within rules and legal rights when they ask someone to show their belongings.
  • A security guard can detain a person if they refuse to show what they are carrying with them. We have to understand that not everyone enters an organisation with the right intent. Without proper scanning, anyone can enter an office building and intentionally leave dangerous things behind. If a security guard has doubt on someone like that, and if the latter constantly refutes to show what they are carrying, the security guard can as well just detain them.
  • A security guard is equipped with the power to protect a crime scene. In these scenarios, they usually work alongside police and keep the crime scenes secure.
  • An experienced, professional security guard is meant to stay with prisoners. Female security guards with female prisoners, and male security guards with male prisoners.
  • A licenced security guard has the authority to testify against criminals at judicial courts.
  • Depending on the job roles and respected sectors, some security guards are even provided with arms, such as batons, Tasers. In some cases, they are even equipped with guns, especially when a security guard is working at banks, hospitals, or jewellery stores.

However, the job role of a security guard has a handful of limitations as well. Given below are a few of the limitations.

  • Although security guards are equipped with low impact weapons, they cannot use them whenever they feel like it. If they ever fail to maintain this order, they will be tried, and in some cases, they may even lose their jobs.
  • Even if a security guard detains someone, they do not have the authority to interrogate them. For interrogation, the detainees will be provided with police or lawyers.
  • In some sectors, security guards are allowed to carry handcuffs, but the right comes to an end when the cuffs are put on. Security guards have normal citizen rights, so they cannot proceed further after cuffing someone. They may detain that person, but after that, they are bound to hand them over to police officials.


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