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Black Tulip Skincare Collections : tulip skincare

Bloomeffects, the brand known for creating tulip skincare solutions, is now debuting its newest creation, the Black Tulip Collection infused with breakthrough Proprietary Black Tulip Complex. The three-step skincare routine harnesses the power of upcycled black tulip petals to support deep hydration and antioxidant protection.

Thanks to two Dutch government grants in partnership with Leiden University, the brand developed its Proprietary Black Tulip Complex based on “the discovery that the petals of the darkest Black Tulip have the highest concentration of free radical-fighting flavonoids, leading to greater antioxidant protection of the skin and allowing for long-term clinical-grade anti-aging benefits.” There’s an overnight retinoid serum, an eye treatment and an all-in-one hydrating treatment that can be used as a moisturizer, wipe-off mask or a luxurious night cream.

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