Blockchain-Based Fashion Rentals : H&M Mitte Gatden

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H&M Mitte Garten Store has teamed up with the world’s leading circular fashion ecosystem, ‘lablaco,’ to launch an all-new blockchain-based IoT clothing rental service. Powered by ‘SPIN’ — lablaco’s circular fashion platform — the new service aims to explore new digitized modes of sustainable fashion retail.

Customers shopping at the Berlin-based H&M Mitte Garten store will have the opportunity to scan select rentable items with their smartphones, which will provide them with details regarding the product’s journey via blockchain. Once rented, they will be able to add “memories and stories” to the garments blockchain ledger by uploading their own unique looks.

The new activation intends to support circular fashion initiatives. As a result, all of the items included in the service can only be booked for a certain amount of time before being returned, cleaned, and secured by another customer.

Image Credit: H&M/lablaco


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