Monday, January 30, 2023

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Bouncy Balloon-Soled Sneakers : HYPERBOUNCE sneakers

The conceptual ‘HYPERBOUNCE’ sneakers have been designed by Alexander Ordonez as a futuristic footwear style created with an unexpectedly springy aesthetic for wearers to appreciate. The sneakers are equipped with a series of miniature balloons built into the sole that will literally put a spring into the step of the wearer. The sole will also absorb kinetic energy during wear to power built-in lights and give the sneakers a futuristically illusory aesthetic.

The conceptual ‘HYPERBOUNCE’ sneakers will help to make the walking or running experience more comfortable for wearers, but will also activate the pressure points in the feet. This will provide enhanced feedback for the wearer to help them feel more organically connected to the surface they’re walking on.

Image Credit: Alexander Ordonez

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