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Broad classification of tiles and their uses

When it comes to home furnishings, tiles play an important role. These are the foremost elements decided upon while designing a space. They control the overall appearance of the house to a great extent. Using the right type and design is the key to creating an amazing living space. Since they are chosen in the initial phase of styling the house, picking the right ones can get tricky at times. We can say that using the appropriate style and design of tiles is the laying stone in the making of a comfortable abode.

In a house, the entire flooring is done using tiles. Also, some spaces and walls require tiling for better looks and durability. For these, you can find a variety of wall and floor tiles options in the market. Tiles for your house are decided not just per the aesthetic factor. Obviously, they are important but other aspects such as durability and usage. A number of things should be considered before picking the ideal tiles for different places in the house. Tiles are made of varied materials that cater to different requirements. For example, the tiles that you would use in the bathroom area are not the same as those you will use in the garden or terrace area. The surroundings and usage of both areas differ greatly and so does the tile quality.

Considering all these factors, wall and floor tiles are broadly classified into 5 categories. Let’s find out how their properties and uses are different from each other.

  • Porcelain Tiles

This is an all-purpose tile that is known for imitating different surface forms such as stone, wood, and brick. They are multifaceted and can be used anywhere. The hard surface is ideal to withstand any pressure or force without cracking or breakage. Available in various textures such as matte, glossy, and glazed, they require very low maintenance. These tiles do not crack or wane due to excessive exposure to dust, water, heat, and snow. Hence, they can be used in outdoor spaces, bathroom areas, garages, etc.

  • Glass Tiles

These probably have the highest stain resistance property. The glass surface offers a smooth and shining surface that does not allow stains to settle on it. They come in attractive designs and are best suited as wall tiles. They require no maintenance or upkeep. You can simply wipe the dust or stain off it using a piece of cloth. They are relatively fragile and hence have high chances of breakage due to external forces. Hence, they can be used as wall tiles in your shower zone and other such walls.

  • Ceramic Tiles

These are the most commonly used tiles that are flexible and used anywhere in the house. They are available in a varied range of designs and textures that can be used as wall and floor tiles. With factors like high durability and cost-effectiveness, they can fit and serve in any corner of the house. They require very low maintenance and are highly resistant to heat, water, snow, etc.

  • Marble Tiles

These are the most expensive and sophisticated tiles available tiles in the market. If you are planning to design a sophisticated and luxury space for living, this is the perfect choice for you. It is moderately resistant to heat, pressure, and stains. You can choose from a variety of options. Due to the porous nature of the marble, make sure to get an appropriate layer of sealing to avoid rough and stained surfaces.

  • Varied natural stone Tiles

There are other natural stones except for marbles. Tiles made of stones like granite, limestones, travertine, etc. come in multiple designs and textures. They serve different purposes for different areas in the house. With features like durability, ease of shape, and resistance these can be ideal choices for different corners in your house.

So, if you are looking for styling or restyling the floors and interior of the house, it is important to know the available options of tiles in the market. As discussed above, every kind of tile has unique properties but they do not fit everywhere. Now that you know the broad range of tiles and their uses, it will be easier to pick the best ones for you.



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