Sunday, February 5, 2023

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Climate Crisis Textiles : Temperature Textiles

The Temperature Textiles line is Raw Color’s innovative way to visually represent climate change data. Following climate change data and predictions can quickly become overwhelming. Therefore, the line distills important information down to its essence while providing consumers with warmth and coziness. Raw Color’s climate-informed textile range includes knitted blankets, scarves, socks, and more cozy items.

Three data groups are represented throughout the line: temperature change, sea-level rise, and emission. Raw Color collected its range of data from past information to modeled predictions of the future based on the three main drivers and causes of climate change. The company thus decided on a curated color scheme. A selection of warm shades indicates temperature change, while cool tones are used to showcase sea level rise. A mix of the two hues depicts the emissions data.

Image Credit: Raw Color

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