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Confidence-Boosting Skincare Campaigns : Negative Self-Talk

In an effort to fight negative self-talk that many contemporary women face, skincare brand Tula recently debuted its first brand campaign. According to a recent survey, people have negative thoughts — “When did you get so old?” “You look disgusting” — an average of 19 times a day. These exact phrases are used in the brand’s commercial, reminding viewers that they would never say that to a family member or friend—so why say them to yourself?

“We heard that 95% of our community believe that they are their own harshest critic and 89% say their confidence is weakened by their own negative self-talk and thoughts,” says Tula CEO Savannah Sachs. Tula is on a mission to remind its customers that they are enough and to embrace their skin.

Image Credit: Tula

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