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Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Vs. Manual: True Facts

When done correctly by a qualified individual, manual blood pressure delivers accurate results. Manual blood pressure measurement, on the other hand, is not suggested for use at home because it takes some expertise. The following are some of the most common causes:

  • Cuffs that aren’t the right size (too small or too large)
  • Inability to calm down patients
  • An instrument that has not been calibrated
  • Interaction between the patient and the physician

A digital blood pressure monitor appears to give incorrect readings in 5 to 15% of persons, according to a few studies. However, they also concluded variable blood pressure could be caused by a number of causes. In today’s era, many people consider it to be the greatest option because of its evident benefits.

How Many Blood Pressure Devices You can Have 

‚ě§Manual blood pressure monitors

It is further divided into three categories: 

  • Mercury: It’s a cuff that wraps around the arm, and contains a mercury column that monitors blood pressure make up the mercury. To listen to the blood beating through the artery, a stethoscope is required.
  • Artery: This kit includes a strap that wraps around the arm. A blood pressure gauge to measure the BP. To listen to the blood beating through the artery, a stethoscope is required.

‚ě§Automated blood pressure monitors

An electronic blood pressure monitor machine entails wearing an electronic gadget with a cuff that wraps around the arm. Use a push button to inflate the cuff.

The pressure reduces automatically after the cuff is inflated. Digital systolic & diastolic blood pressure measurements will be displayed on the screen.

The cuff will detach on its own once the reading is displayed on the screen. Wait two to three minutes before repeating the measurement. For the most part, digital monitors are the best option.

Two blood pressure monitor devicesAdvantages    Disadvantages 
 ManualIf it’s in the hands of trained experts, then you can get the most precise results.
It’s helpful for confirming blood pressure.
There’s a good probability you’ll make an error as an observer.

Wrong results or readings can be caused by little motions.
In infants or tiny children, it’s difficult to keep track of.
It creates a lot of noise that can disturb the patient.
Mercury is a pollutant that can harm the environment.
This is ideal for screening.
Infants and tiny children are given this medication.
Blood pressure measurements can be repeated.
The Cuff location has no effect.
There is a wrist cuff available.
The drawback of a digital blood pressure machine is that they can differ based on the manufacturer. So, it’s advisable to purchase from a reliable store or brand. 


How to use digital blood pressure monitors to achieve the most accurate reading

  • 30 min before the testing, and avoid smoking, caffeine, and alcoholic beverages.
  • For five minutes, sit up straight with your back fully supported and your feet flat on the floor.
  • Hold the arm so that the elbow is at the level of the heart during the measurement. For example, if you’re sitting in a chair, you can cross your arm over a dining table.
  • Always wrap the cuff around bare skin and, if required, draw the sleeves up.

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