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DIY Eyelash Extensions : Lashify

Eyelash extensions applied by a technician have become increasingly popular, however, one brand is disrupting the industry with its at-home DIY eyelash extensions. Lashify offers easy-to-apply eyelash extensions that differ from traditional falsies in two ways — the DIY eyelash extensions last up to five days (compared to one night of falsies) and the placement of the lashes. Regular lashes are glued to the top of the lash line, however, Lashify is glued to the underside of the lashes.

Lashify sends users a control kit that includes two sets of lashes, two types of adhesive (clear and black), a tweezer-type applicator, and an adhesive sealant. Consumers can purchase the Lashify Control Kit online for $145 USD. While this may seem costly, the kit is reusable and is significantly less expensive than visiting a salon for extensions.

Image Credit: Josh Dickinson

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