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Eco-Friendly Biotech Oils : Tecco Skin

Tecco Skin is a brand that gets its name from a combination of “tech” and “eco,” two words that encompass the brand’s main values and ingredients. By using biotechnology and natural, vegan and cruelty-free ingredients, Tecco Skin crafts innovative formulas like serums, cleansers and oils.

The Lite Bright Oil is lightweight and fast-absorbing, and it’s rich with ingredients like tamanu and blueberry oil.

One of the key ingredients from the brand is sea kelp bio ferment. As co-founder Jonathan Villafane told Byrdie, “My boyfriend David and I were in Malibu on the beach, and there’s tons of sea kelp out on the shore. We started playing around with it, and it felt so good to touch and very serum-like, so we knew we had to use it.

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