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Endurant Merino Hiking Socks : hiking socks

Durability and light weight have long been considered to be mutually exclusive traits when it comes to hiking socks, with everybody from hardcore through-hikers to casual urban trail wanderers long forced to make do with compromises, but Smartwool has blown all of that out of the water with its ‘Performance Hike Light Cushion Mid Crew’ socks. These hiking socks are quite simply among the holy grail of their category due to the splendid manner in which they combine all of the most coveted attributes all for the humble price of only $23 per pair.

Upon taking your initial steps with the Smartwool ‘Performance Hike Light Cushion Mid Crew’ hiking socks, the first thing you’re likely to notice is just how snugly the socks fit all around your foot, almost as if they were crafted for the specific dimensions of your feet. After a long day or multiple days of hiking, what fast becomes evident is how the socks retain their shape and are unbelievably sag-resistant, whilst showcasing a wonderfully stubborn resistance to bunching up inside your shoes. Smartwool’s proprietary ‘4 Degree’ elite fit system has a lot to do with this, with the inclusion of a flex zone in the ankle area ensuring that you can walk, climb, strafe and hop obstacles with reckless abandon, safe in the knowledge that your socks won’t crumble under the force of your exploratory.

Another marvelous trait of these Smartwool hiking socks is their scarcely believable ability to stay odor-free even after long and repeated wears, one of many prized traits of the merino wool that makes up 56% of the fabric, with recycled nylon making up the bulk of the remainder of the materials. This thoughtfully crafted blend of materials also offers comfort over long periods of time unlike conventional cotton socks, which are known to foster blisters. The generous use of merino also means these socks keep your feet comfortably cool even in draining conditions.

These socks are also said to boast extraordinary durability in the long term thanks to the use of Smartwool’s proprietary ‘Indestructawool’ technology, which uses a patent-pending method of knitting premium yarns together in order to fortify all areas of the socks without compromising on comfort or snugness. That’s why Smartwool is confident enough to offer an exceptional guarantee program wherein customers who find reason for dissatisfaction can be issued digital gift cards without even having to return their product.

By bringing together breathably lightweight comfort with exceptional ruggedness and the odor-fighting and blister-banishing properties of merino, Smartwool’s ‘Performance Hike Light Cushion Mid Crew’ socks tick every single box and make for the consummate hiking sock.

Image Credit: Smartwool

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