Five Essential Items to Pack for an Overnight Business Trip

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We all want to travel light, especially for short business trips, but it can be easy to overestimate exactly what you need to take when working away from home. Keep it simple by following this list of five essential items and minimize the need for heavy luggage.


A reliable, high-quality laptop is necessary for business trips so you can access your work on the go. Lenovo traveling laptops are ideal for anyone who works on the move and are available to suit all budgets. Don’t forget your chargers and any accessories you might need, such as headphones, mic, and dongle. Get a case or bag designed to protect your laptop – you don’t want to risk losing your all-important files.

Cell Phone

We all carry our cell phones everywhere, feeling like we’ve lost a limb when we accidentally leave them at home. Make sure you have your cell phone with you when you travel so you are easily contactable and can stay up to date with emails and work apps such as Slack. Like with laptops, remember your chargers and accessories!

A Change of Clothes

For a one-night trip, keep extra clothes to a minimum. You may want loungewear to change into at your hotel or accommodation in the evening and a clean shirt or top for the following day, but beyond that, if you are aiming to travel light, limit your clothes to underwear and something to wear to sleep in (unless you can sleep in your change of clothes). You may also want to take swimwear or gym wear if you are staying at a hotel where you can work out.

Travel Toiletries

Many hotels provide toiletries for travelers, but there’s nothing quite like using your favorite products in a hotel bath or shower. Take familiar scents from home in travel-size bottles, either buy miniatures or decant into empty bottles. If you wear make-up for work, remember to pack your make-up bag and facewipes or cloths to remove it before bed. Don’t forget any medication you may need and sanitary products or contraception if you use them. 

Personal Items

Working away, even for just one night, can be a lonely experience. Home comforts can make even the most mundane hotel room feel cozier, so if you want to take a photo of your partner, room sprays that smell like home or your favorite snacks to eat as you watch a movie then go for it! Traveling light doesn’t need to mean being miserable, it just means prioritizing the things that matter to you. If you sleep better with your own pillow or blanket, it might be worth taking it with you, especially if you’ve got a big meeting the following day. Red eyes and a tired brain won’t show you in your best light.

The key to packing successfully for a business trip is to be prepared so don’t leave it to the last minute! If you regularly work away, it can be helpful to keep a list of everything you need to take with you in your phone notes or diary.