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Flower Milk Creams : Soothing Peony Milky Lotion

Kao’s MyKirei unveiled its Soothing Peony Milky Lotion. The product debut is packaged in a proprietary eco-pouch and eco-holder, available in two authentic designs by Japanese artists. The lotion boasts a light and clean floral scent. Its formula seeps into the skin, leaving the complexion glowing and moisturized. Consumers will be able to purchase the lotion this coming October 2021.

The lightweight and refreshing lotion is refillable through the brand’s refill scheme; the product’s eco-pouch is refillable. Overall, the product aligns with the brand’s commitment to showcasing the ways in which we can live harmoniously with our surroundings rather than carving through the natural world around us. The environmentally-friendly holder aims to reduce plastic waste in the beauty and cosmetic industry.

Image Credit: Kao

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