Monday, January 30, 2023

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Future-Facing Retail Experiences : Haus Shanghai

Gentle Monster opened its new commercial retail space Haus Shanghai. The brand focuses on a new vision of future retail that defies the traditional and often stereotypical commercial spaces. Haus Shanghai incites emotional provocation to its visitors to deliver an unprecedented cultural experience.

The 3,270 square meter space follows Gentle Monster’s Haus Dosan project, which opened in Seoul in March 2021. Haus Shanghai spans four floors and features fragrances from Tamburins, marking the brand’s first offline store in China. Visitors can engage with various retail experiences, pop-ups, and art exhibitions throughout the space.

Haus Shanghai’s first floor features the surreal dessert brand Nudake, while the second floor houses the world’s largest Gentle Monster store. Additionally, the brand’s Probe robot roams the main area next to kinetic horses.

Image Credit: Gentle Monster

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