High-Tech Sci-Fi Sneakers : APL


Los Angeles-based footwear brand Athletic Propulsion Labs (APL) has teamed up with Legendary Entertainment to launch three new, high-performance sneakers based on the newly released science fiction film ‘Dune’ starring Timothée Chalamet.

First up, the APL Superfuture is offered in a deep red colorway inspired by the film’s House of tyranny. In addition, the maroon sneaker comes equipped with Load N’ Launch technology, designed to help improve basketball players’ vertical leaps. Meanwhile, the TechLoom Bliss low-tops draw inspiration from Dune’s expansive desert landscapes. These slip-on sneakers are the lightest model ever offered by APL, making them perfect for long runs.

Lastly, the Techloom Defender Atreides are delivered in a deep forest green that borrows its hue from the film’s lush evergreen forest homeland. The Defender is the most robust of the three sneakers, offering complete weather resistance features and an extra-thick midsole.

Image Credit: APL

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