How To Find and Share Your Wi-Fi Password on an iPhone

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There are a couple of ways to share your Wi-Fi password with a person who’s nearby.

sharing wifi password between iphones
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You’re using your iPhone over your local Wi-Fi network and you want to share the password with a nearby contact who needs access. There are two key ways to accomplish this. First, when the person tries to connect, you’ll be asked if you want to share the password. If you agree, the password is shared, and the person is given access.

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With iOS 16, there’s another option. Under Wi-Fi Settings, you can now view and copy your Wi-Fi password to share with someone else. Here’s how both processes work.

How to share your password directly

To share the local Wi-Fi password directly with a nearby person, their email address must be saved in your Contacts app, and your address must be saved in their Contacts app.

With your own iPhone connected to your local Wi-Fi network, the other person selects the same network using their iPhone’s Wi-Fi settings. A notification should pop up on your phone asking if you want to share the Wi-Fi password for the network with the other person. Tap the button for Share Password.

The password is then shared, and the person is automatically connected. That connection is then saved on their phone for future access (Figure A).

Figure A

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How to view and copy your Wi-Fi password

Here’s another option that’s new with iOS 16. First, make sure you’ve updated your phone to iOS 16 or higher. Go to Settings, select General and then tap the option for Software Update. You’ll be told that iOS is up to date or prompted to download and install the latest update.

Next, go to Settings and select Wi-Fi. Tap the Info button for your Wi-Fi network. Then tap the hidden password. You’ll be prompted to authenticate this action using Touch ID, Face ID or your passcode. The password is then revealed. You can now show or read the password to the other person. There’s also an option to copy the password if you wish to paste it somewhere. Be careful how and with whom you share the password (Figure B).

Figure B

Image: Lance Whitney/TechRepublic

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