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How to Find the Best Dog Food For Your Puppy?/Answers Dog Food

If you want to keep your pets healthy and happy, you need to be careful about their nutritional needs. Finding the best dog food for your pet can be tricky because there are so many options available in the market. Some of the more popular, mass-produced options aren’t as suitable for your puppy as they appear. That’s why it is a good idea to explore other options like Answers Dog Food. Here’s a look at some tips on how to find the best dog food for your pet:

  1. Research Online

 The first step is to research online to find the best food alternatives for your pet. Look beyond the popular food brands to find companies that source their ingredients well, focus on providing balanced nutrition, and come up with science-based solutions. It is also important to ensure the company doesn’t use any filler or harmful ingredients. Fortunately, the internet makes it easier to find dog food that ticks all of the right boxes and ensures your puppy gets the best possible nutrition.

  1. Look at the Brand 

Most dog food brands have websites or sell their products on different kinds of e-commerce platforms. Browse through these websites carefully to understand the company’s ethics and policies. That might seem like going overboard, but looking at the brand can help you determine whether the manufacturer truly cares about the animals. Read the about us page, take time to understand the company’s quality checks and standards, look at the online reviews and ratings, before you commit to a purchase.


  1. Read the Ingredients List Carefully

 All dog food manufacturers are required to list their ingredients clearly on the packaging. They need to include everything like main proteins, fillers, carbs, preservatives, oils, additional nutritional supplements, etc, in the list. According to the regulations, the primary ingredient mentioned in the product name should make up 95% of the content. If the product mentions raw beef in the product name, raw beef should be the primary ingredient and make up for 95% of the content.

  1. A Combination of Wet and Dry

It is a good idea to serve a combination of wet and dry food to your pet. That can help with digestion and ensure your pet is getting all of the nutrition it needs from its meals. For example, Answers Dog Food provides a combination of wet and dry pet food items like nibbles, patties, raw milk, and stock. You can combine all of these different products to create a balanced and delicious diet for your pet. Your pets will consume what is put before them with more enthusiasm if they’re not forced to rely on just wet or dry food. If you’re uncertain about what ingredients are suitable for your dog, consult with your vet and ask for some recommendations. Some dog breeds have very specific dietary requirements.

  1. Source of the Ingredients 

Consider the source of the ingredients carefully. Some manufacturers cut down on the costs by using cheap, processed ingredients in their products. That can easily cause some long-term health issues in your pet. Answers Raw Food, for example, sources all of its ingredients from pasture-raised farm animals. The company also uses gentle processing techniques instead of harsh processes like high-pressure or freeze-drying. Harsh processes can compromise the quality and nutritional value of the ingredients used in pet food, and that will have an impact on your dog’s health.


 Always look for dog food companies that are certified by local bodies, governments, and/or veterinarian organizations. These products undergo vigorous testing. To ensure they are suitable for pets and will not cause any long-term harm to them. Certified companies also have to maintain a certain manufacturing standard and must employ frequent quality checks.

All of these tips will help you choose the right product and create a balanced meal plan for your puppy. Answers Raw Food, delicious treats, and an active lifestyle will help ensure your pet is healthy and leads a long, happy life.

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