How To Hire An Immigration Adviser In New Zealand?

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An immigration adviser is a professional who helps people with the process of emigrating to New Zealand. The immigration adviser can provide information about the different types of visas available, how to apply for them, and what the requirements are. They can also help with the necessary paperwork and provide support during the process.

When you’re ready to hire an immigration adviser in New Zealand, use these tips to find the right professional for your needs.

Determine the type of adviser you need: There are a few different types of immigration advisers.

  • Immigration Consultants are registered with the Immigration Advisers Authority (IAA). They must have a current New Zealand practicing certificate and professional indemnity insurance.
  • Immigration Lawyers are also registered with the IAA. They must have a current New Zealand practicing certificate and professional indemnity insurance. In addition, they must be a member of the New Zealand Law Society.
  • Other advisers, such as accountants or business advisers, may give immigration advice if it’s incidental to their main business. For example, they may advise you on the tax implications of moving to New Zealand. They don’t need to be registered with the IAA, but they must meet certain standards.

Search for advisers: The IAA website is a good place to start your search. It has a list of registered advisers for immigration in New Zealand, as well as a searchable database. The IAA website also has information on different types of immigration advice, and how to make a complaint if you’re not happy with the advice you’ve received. You can also search for immigration advisers on Google, or ask friends and family for recommendations.

Interview potential advisers: Once you’ve drawn up a list of potential advisers, it’s time to interview them. When you talk to each adviser, ask about:

  • Their experience and qualifications.
  • The types of immigration cases they typically handle.
  • How much they charge, and whether they offer a free initial consultation.
  • Whether they have a current New Zealand practicing certificate and professional indemnity insurance.
  • Whether they’re a member of the New Zealand Law Society (if they’re an immigration lawyer).

Get everything in writing: Once you’ve decided to hire an immigration adviser, make sure you get everything in writing. This should include:

  • The adviser’s name, contact details, and registration number.
  • The adviser’s fees, and how they’re payable.
  • What you’re responsible for, and what the adviser will do.
  • When the adviser will start work, and how long they estimate the process will take.
  • The adviser’s obligations, including maintaining confidentiality and keeping you updated on your case.
  • Your rights, including the right to cancel the agreement at any time.
  • What will happen if the adviser can’t complete the work, or if you’re not happy with the work they’ve done.

Keep copies of all documents: Make sure you keep copies of all the documents you share with your immigration adviser, as well as any correspondence you have with them. This will help you keep track of the advice you’ve been given, and will be useful if you need to make a complaint.

The bottom line

Now that you know how to hire an immigration advisor, what are you waiting for? Find an immigration advisor and get a visa for New Zealand. An immigration adviser can help to make the process easier and less stressful. They can provide you with information and support, and help to ensure that everything is in order before you travel.