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How to make your Wedding Gown last forever with Trusted Wedding Gown Preservation?

Let’s face it – your wedding gown is probably one of the most expensive articles you’ve ever purchased. It’s also one of the only tangible reminders from your wedding day. In all probability, you spent hundreds of dollars and much of your valuable time prior to the wedding in finding the best gown for yourself, and so it’s only fair for you to give your dress the care it deserves. This is where wedding gown preservation comes in handy.Whether it’s just because of the memories, or the possibility of you keeping it as a keepsake and handing it over to your daughter and granddaughter on their special day, there’s a ton that can be done when you have a well-preserved wedding gown. You can even use it as a christening gown someday or simply donate it to a charity organization. So, here are a few tips on how to maintain a wedding gown – maintain its color, shape, and fabric.

Keeping it safe after use:

It is important to store the gown appropriately immediately after use to avoid any damage to it. To further protect it from the airborne particles, wrap the gown in white cotton sheets and place it inside a garment bag. This way, you can protect the gown from accumulating dust particles. Also, try placing the gown on a flat surface.

Consult a cleaning expert:

If you are looking to store the gown for a short duration, you can simply follow the step mentioned above, however, for prolonged or proper wedding gown preservation, it is always better to consult a professional. Gown preservation is a tricky and complicated process, so even a single wrong move may prove fatal for the gown. In short, don’t hesitate to ask questions and find out whether the store you’ve zeroed in on has the requisite skills to handle the task.

Storing the gown in a dark place:

Always store the gown in places/ areas where the humidity is low and is devoid of sunlight. Storing it this way would protect the dress from fading and discoloration. Avoid storing the gown in the attic or in the basement as it usually gets very hot up in the attic, and basements are prone to flooding. So, most experts recommend storing the wedding gown in a dry closet or under the bed.

Checking the dress from time to time:

Just because you opted for professional wedding gown preservation, doesn’t mean you’d you’ll just store it in your closet and forget about it. No matter what you believe, it is best to check it from time to time, so that if you notice discoloration, you can immediately have the problem remedied.

Taking it out with caution:

Most people do not like getting their wedding gown vacuum sealed inside the box. Whether you want to wear the dress again sometime soon or simply reminisce about the wedding, it’s always wise to take it out cautiously. When taking it out of the box, try putting on white cotton gloves or at least wash the hands thoroughly. If the gown was vacuum sealed, make sure that it is vacuum sealed once again.

Key takeaway

If you are not serious about wedding gown preservation, the stains – both visible and the invisible ones, may get oxidized. This is why we recommend getting the gown cleaned as soon as possible. A professional wedding dress preservation includes thorough cleaning, followed by an even meticulous preservation service where the dress is put inside an archival box. Never use a plastic material for dress preservation as it traps the moisture inside, leading to fabric discoloration and yellowing.

So, try taking the necessary steps for dress preservation as soon as possible. Seek out the service that best meets your requirement within your budget, without ditching the quality. Check if the service has received positive feedback online and whether people vouch for its services.


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