Lamora Williams: A Mother Who Killed Her Sons

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In 2017, Lamora Williams lived alone, a 24-year-old single mother of four kids. Between midnight on October 12 and 11 p.m. on October 13, she is charged with placing her two youngest children in an oven and turning it on. Atlanta residents first gained attention in October 2017. The reason she became the subject of conversation? She ruthlessly killed her children. To learn more about this double homicide case, keep reading this article.

Williams’ family asserts that she has always been unstable and that her instability was made worse by the father of her children leaving them, as well as perhaps postpartum depression. Williams’ sister, Tabitha Hollingsworth, said that Williams attempted suicide and that Williams’ behavioral and mental problems started when she was a little girl. Lamora Williams received support from the family of the father of her daughter.

After this relationship ended, she dated Jameel Penn Sr. for a very long time and had three children with him.

Williams called Neesa Smith, his close friend, on October 13, at 7:00 p.m.

Smith persuaded Williams to call the police. In the following video, Williams calls Jameel Penn, the children’s father, instead of calling the police.

During the call, Williams turned her camera around the apartment, and Penn saw his sons lying on the ground. Then he made a 911 call right away. Williams also touched the police at 11:30 p.m. Williams stated in the 911 call that she had left her cousin (later changed to sister) in charge of Lamora Williams’ children and had come home to see her kids dead.

She claimed that both infants were scorched, one was caught beneath a “turned over” oven, and that “brains were on the floor.”

Lamora Williams’ asked the operator to reassure her about the possibility of going to jail during the same 911 call and voiced worry about doing so.

Williams has entered a not-guilty plea to the charges brought against him.

Following the incident, Williams’ sister expressed concern and demanded that Williams be put on suicide watch in jail. Williams’ mother acknowledges that her daughter had problems, but she still holds her accountable for how she acted.

She has said that losing her “two youngest grandsons owing to her daughter’s actions” has been very difficult for her and that she may need help.

It happened on October 13, 2017, a terrible day. Mother murdered the two children she had with the children’s father, Jameel Penn. We were informed by emergency personnel that Ke’Yaunte Penn and Ja’Karter Williams had their heads trapped inside an oven. The news seemed surreal to hear.

Pathologists could not determine whether the children had already died or had died while being put in the oven. However, the autopsy findings exonerated the cause of the child’s death. How a mother could act in such a way toward her children was surprising.

What drove Lamora Williams to murder her two sons?

The mental health of Lamora Williams‘ mother, Brenda Williams, was well known. Lamora Williams was sluggish due to her mental disorder. She even claimed that she had to pull her daughter out of school and homeschool her since she struggled in class.

When Lamora was 18 years old, she gave birth to a girl. The infant girl was cared for with assistance from the daughter’s father’s family. Lamora then began dating Jameel Penn. Then she gave birth to three kids with Jameel Penn. Everything was going well, but in 2017, Jameel called it quits. However, the sources claim that Jameel Penn and his family gave her financial support so that she could raise the children.

Brenda understood that something terrible was about to occur. Brenda attempted to obtain custody after the father of the kids left Lamora, but she was unsuccessful. She even informed the Division of Family and Children’s Services that Lamora was incapable of caring for the children due to her mental condition.

Lamora’s sister Tabitha Hollingworth supported her mother’s worries regarding children because she was also aware of Lamora’s illness. Tabitha reported seeing her sister send the kids home by herself. She added that her sister, Lamora, had once tried to sever her wrists.

Did Lamora Williams enter prison following the horrible killing of her sons?

In 2018, Lamora Williams was accused of murder. The court, in this instance, sought their opinions on whether or not she was the murderer. Her relatives believed she was the guilty party.

Lamora was accused of killing someone, lying to the 911 operator, committing severe assault, and covering up a fatality. In addition, she was charged with abusing Jameel, her 3-year-old son. Her kid, age three, was present as his brothers passed away.

The pathologist reported that neither the boys’ shattered bones nor any signs of blunt force trauma were present. The electric oven hurt the boys’ bodies even though they weren’t scorched. Officers believed that to hide the murderous technique.

Four things you should know regarding Williams’s murder of her sons: 

  1. Lamora Video called the father of the children, who then reported the deaths

When Lamora Williams video-phoned the children’s father, she learned about this tragedy. She showed him the children were dead via video chat. 

  1. Brenda had a good understanding of her daughter’s mental state.

 Brenda Williams was well aware of the mental state of her daughter. She used to refer to her as ill. Lamora was devastated by the loss of her father because they were close.

  1. Lamora killed her children on purpose.

Lamora Williams carried out the killings between midnight, according to the inquiry. In Atlanta on October 12 and at midnight on October 13. Her plans to execute her children were very obvious. She allegedly put the heads of her children in the oven.

  1. After the murder, Lamora reportedly called her friend.

Lamora Williams contacted the children’s father before dialing her friend Neesa Smith. According to reports, Lamora told her buddy about the circumstances and asked her for advice on what to do.


Lamora Williams was supposed to appear in court for the first time. Her mother claimed that while paying a visit to her in the Fulton County Jail, she requested that the 24-year-old be placed on suicide watch.