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Logo-Heavy Streetwear Collections : Patta x Nappa

Dutch streetwear brand Patta has partnered with premium Italian fashion label Napaijri to launch the ‘Patta x Napa’ collection.

The compact and cohesive capsule sees the dutch brand rework the visual language of Nappa, borrowing its 90s-era stylings to create a new set of dynamic offerings. The collection is comprised of three main garments. Black graphic t-shirts donning both brand’s logos in bold type-faces have a distinctly edgy, retro feel, while black and white long sleeves feature a minimalist design with unique embroidery.

No doubt, the stand-out item is the ‘Skidoo’ jacket — an all-black, winter-ready anorak made from highly durable materials. Like the other pieces in the collection, the ‘Skidoo’ jacket also prominently features both brand’s logos and embroidered elements.

Image Credit: Casper Kofi

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