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Luxury Tracksuit Collaborations : Juicy Couture and STAFFONLY

Juicy Couture and STAFFONLY collaborated to launch a new collection of tracksuits. STAFFONLY was founded by designers Shimo Zhou and Une Yea in London. The team worked closely with Juicy Couture to create a retro-themed California roadside restaurant-inspired collection.

The collection features playful tracksuits, bejeweled miniskirts, and saccharine-toned puffer coats. Customers can browse through the range and purchase items through Couture’s official WeChat account and its e-commerce platform.

Carol Chen, Co-Chief Executive Officer of Semir Group, explains the importance of this collaboration for the continued commercial success of Juicy Couture. She states that “brand localization” is essential for guaranteed consumer demand. Juicy Couture’s cross-border cooperation and co-branding combine different cultures to create unexpected new products. The tracksuit collection aims to accomplish this same transnational intersection.

Image Credit: Juicy Couture

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