Monday, January 30, 2023

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Mansplained Male Grooming Ads : Lumin Skincare

Lumin Skincare, a premium skincare brand for men, has partnered with advertising agency Good Conduct to launch a national marketing campaign. Dubbed ‘Skincare for men. Mansplained for men.,’ the campaign will launch on TV, CTV, and in digital and social media and includes two 30-second spots, two 15-second spots, and one long-form web video, along with 15 social videos and 33 stills. Lumin’s spots feature a humorous skincare expert who questions stubborn views and beliefs held by men and suggests they try Lumin’s products.

“For way too long, skincare has been stigmatized as something “men don’t do,” said Kevin O’Connell, Lumin’s GM. “Many guys end up toughing out their skin issues because they feel uneasy about being perceived as a guy who uses skincare. Lumin wanted to develop a campaign that makes guys ask, ‘Wait, why don’t men use skincare? This is stupid.’ The goal of having guys ask this question is to help destigmatize and normalize skincare, because, well, they have faces, too, don’t they?” The campaign’s goal is to get men to try skincare with a brand that is specifically designed for them.

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