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Mood-Boosting Perfume Oils : perfume oils

Summer Fridays is venturing into the fragrance category with its newest release, the aromatic Perfume Oil Trio. These travel-ready rollerballs are designed to be taken on the go and they help to infuse the pulse points on skin with lasting scents that provide an uplifting experience.

Made with vegan and cruelty-free ingredients, the perfume oils are ideal for precisely applying scent where it’s wanted most, such as the wrists, neck or décolleté. Each scent provides a unique sense of escape that promises to boost moods. There’s Coconut Wave with notes of eucalyptus and sugarcane, Soft Vanilla with almond blossom and pistachio, as well as Crisp Citrus to round out the trio with a fragrance that reminds of frozen lemon and lime zest. These summery scents create an instant vacation experience.

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