Tuesday, February 7, 2023

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Multifunctional Skincare Essences : MUTHA Cell Rejeuvenating Essence

The MUTHA Cell Rejeuvenating Essence is a multifunctional skincare product that harnesses the power of clinically proven actives and fermented ingredients to provide a solution for hydrating, protecting and repairng the skin. Some of the key components of the formula are sweet black tea ferment and grape flower cell extract, which help to keep the product as nourishing and lightweight as ever.

The essence boasts proprietary MUTHALOAD Core Technology, which features a hyaluronic acid complex, rice kefiran and a rice peptide delivery system to support the skin in a way that meets the demands of modern life.

When it comes to incorporating this product into a skincare routine, the brand recommends using it after cleansing, morning and night. As the brand says, “An Essence is the prep step we all need to make the active ingredients in our skin care routine much more effective.”

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