Organic Vs Natural Beauty Products | Know The Differences

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Anything you apply to your skin has an effect on your whole body. Since the skin absorbs 60% of everything applied and then dissolves in the blood flow. This is the reason that many skincare brands have started presenting cleaner and greener cosmetics and other materials. Even the customers are also getting aware of this all. Therefore, they check labels before purchasing organic or natural beauty products. However, these products all differ from each other. How? This is explained in the post. 

How Organic & Natural Products Are Different

Organic Products: These products are made from ingredients that are organically farmed. In other words, no pesticides, preservatives, growth injections, or any other kind of chemical fertiliser have been used in their production. Organic skin care products are developed under government regulations and comprise at least 70-95% organic materials. Whereas natural products have only 50-70% chemical-free elements. 

Natural Products: These products are derived from plant, mineral or animal by-products or a blend of botanicals and naturally emanated preservatives. Natural products do not incorporate contaminated substances like sulphates, parabens, etc. The most important thing is that these products are not tested on animals. You will be inquisitive to know that these are not regulated by any government body, though. Cosmetic brands use this label as a marketing manoeuvre. 

Things To Consider While Buying Natural or Organic Products

Now, as we have explained, the key differences between natural and organic products. You should also know the things that need to be considered while shopping for skin care face wash and other products.

  • Ingredients 

The first and foremost thing is that you should not fall for the trap of alluring taglines by the brand. Check the label for the ingredients since the quantity is mentioned there. Always go for products that have more skin-friendly elements. 

  • Skin Type

Prior to buying any product, think about your skin type. It doesn’t necessary that all the natural or organic products go well with your skin. For instance, fragrances in cosmetic products can create redness or irritation to sensitive skin. On the other hand, organic skin care products contain components that are hypoallergenic to the skin. It means these products will not cause any issues to your skin. 

  • Packaging

As we told earlier as well, organic products are developed by government bodies regulation. Hence, they come with a government-certified logo on their packaging. On the flip side, natural products don’t come with any logo or certification. Thus, it becomes crucial that you check the ingredients on the packaging. 

  • Baddies

As per the requirement of the government regulations, there should be no chemicals, pesticides or artificial fertilisers in the products. Thus, these products are free from all such things. However, on the other hand, natural products may contain them since they are not regulated. You should inspect these things on the label before purchasing the best lip balm for dry lips or any other product. 

  • Pricing

Since organic products are developed under strict guidelines, they can be more expensive as compared to natural products. Plus, the usage of antibiotics and quality supporting additives also contribute to increasing the price of organic skin care. You should go for good quality products for your skin rather than looking for the benefit of a few bucks. 

In the Bottomline

It has been seen throughout the world that people are trying to elevate their lifestyles and quality of life. The health of our skin is also considered to be a great supporter of psychological and mental well-being. Since healthy skin helps in building confidence and self-love in a person. Thus, it is pivotal that you pay utmost attention while purchasing organic or natural beauty products.