Tuesday, February 7, 2023

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Outerwear-Inspired Slippers : Greys Summit Slipper

The increased amount of time that many consumers are spending inside their homes living and working has bolstered the demand for comfort-focused fashion styles, which is being satisfied with options like the Greys Summit Slipper.

The slipper is constructed with a durable nylon upper that has quilted stitching to deliver increased resistance to tearing, ripping and abrasions. The upper is also filled with a lightweight insulation that works like a puffer jacket to keep the foot snugly secure.

The Greys Summit Slipper is more than suitable for wear inside the home, while also being substantial enough to be worn out of the house for short trips to the grocery store or dog walks. The slipper comes in three color options as well as a low or boot style.

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