Pheromone-Infused Perfume Oils : Pure Instinct

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Many products continue to “spike” after being featured on TikTok, and Pure Instinct, the pheromone-infused perfume oil, is one such example. The product is said to “enhance your natural pheromone production” to “inspire desire, increase sex appeal and enhance romance.” The oil has received countless reviews touting its efficacy, with many bartenders and waiters claiming increased attention and tips.

To create this unisex perfume oil, Pure Instintic uses potent pheromones sourced from Italy to ensure results. In addition, the perfume oil is made in the USA and is free of parabens, gluten, glycerin, and alcohol. Pure Instinct can be layered with traditional perfume or worn on its own and its innovative formula will blend with your skin’s PH to create a unique scent.

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