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Reasons To Buy A Portable Infrared Sauna Blanket With Low EMF

Everyone would have a sauna room in their home if they had the opportunity because it’s everyone’s favorite way to incorporate relaxation in their life. When you sit in one, you not only feel extra pampered, but you’re also helping to detoxify your body of all toxic stuff. Regrettably, building a sauna room consume a lot of your space and is even costly. Plus, there are several steps involved in creating an appropriate temperature and steam in the room before you finally sit and relax.  Sauna blankets, on the other hand, are the newest — and more practical — wellness craze. A portable Infrared sauna with low EMF has been demonstrated to provide a variety of therapeutic effects, including physical benefits such as increased circulation and detoxification, as well as mental benefits such as cortisol reduction. Furthermore, they allow you to enjoy your life (i.e. binge-watch your new favorite show) while pampering your body.

Features of Portable Sauna Blanket

As the name suggests, a sauna blanket is basically a portable sauna that ranges heat between 80°F to 160°F. One is supposed to wrap it around the body to aim all the crannies and nooks. it gives the same results as you would expect from a sauna bath, at a much lower temperature. Thus, infrared sauna blankets are bearable for people who cannot bear the heat of a normal sauna. This popular product is available in several brands, with each brand offering a different set of features. Every feature plays an important role in the functioning of the blanket, making it better than others, for instance, you have a choice to buy between infrared and far infrared technology. Then, you can buy a low EMF infrared sauna blanket than the ordinary one. If you want to know about EMF blocking and far infrared technology, keep reading.

Know About the Low EMF Feature

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are unnatural, man-made fields to which people should minimize their everyday exposure. Some companies feel that natural is always better, which is why some brands offer blankets with EMF blocking technology. Low EMF means these blankets have a consistent EMF measurement of 0 across the blanket, providing the most natural heat therapy experience conceivable. You can do some internet study to understand the role of infrared and how it works on your body and compare the EMF levels of sauna blankets with low EMF to the EMF levels of a typical sauna blanket.

Far Infrared  Technology

Another feature that you should look out for is the far infrared emissivity. Far infrared uses a fiber heating element with 96 jade and stones to produce the highest quality maximum emissivity infrared heat. The stones are perfectly flat to absorb exceptionally and then spread across the blanket. The end result with a far infrared portable sauna blanket is the fullest heat therapy across every part of your body.

Conclusion: If you see these two features in a portable sauna blanket, know that it’s the best sauna that you can buy till date. 

Faina Miller

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