Wednesday, February 8, 2023

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Refillable Beauty Collections : Refill Revolution

Private label cosmetics and packaging manufacturer WWP Beauty introduced the Refill Revolution collection to support environmentally conscious consumers and brands, and its components help to support the future of circular design. The product packaging is helpful for reducing carbon emissions across a variety of categories, including skincare, cosmetics, hair care and beyond.

Notable designs include the Refill Revolution Airless Pens with a cooling metal ball roller for targeted treatments and serums, or oval brushes or micro rollers. There’s also the Multi-Use Face Stick, which produces 72% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than its non-refillable counterparts, as well as the companion Multi-Use Body Stick for body care and hygiene products.

Thanks to an Eco-Analyzer tool, WWP Beauty is capable of identifying the carbon emissions reduction percentages and the impact that these sustainable packaging solutions have.

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