Monday, February 6, 2023

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RevitaLash Lash & Brow Mask

The RevitaLash Lash & Brow Mask is a Nordstrom-exclusive hair care product that is formulated to “address the visible and physical signs of compromised lashes and brows.” The lash and brow mask is tailored to consumers who may find that their brows and lashes are suffering as a result of overstyling, daily makeup usage or damage caused by regular professional services.

The nutrient-dense product boasts a “one-of-a-kind formula features scientifically advanced tube technology that encapsulates nutrient-dense ingredients to repair and restore lash and brow health while delivering needed hydration for strong, shiny, healthy lashes and brows.” Designed to be used several times weekly, the formula is meant to be left on for about 15 minutes, or until dry, then removed using the integrated comb component.

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