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Semi-Occlusive Scar Treatments : Advanced Sili-Gel

As medical-grade skincare continues to become more popular, SkinCeuticals is meeting consumer needs with the launch of the new Advanced Sili-Gel. The new high-silicone, occlusive skin protectant was designed to improve the appearance of new and recent scars, making it ideal for the treatment of burns, cuts, and scrapes.

Advanced Sili-Gel is invisible, non-sticky, and non-greasy, offering long-lasting protection and optimal scar care. With a combination of silicones and soothing ingredients, this protective technology is clinically proven to blur scars’ overall appearance, reduce the appearance of redness, hydrate to soften and smooth scar texture, and reduce the appearance of discoloration.

“We are very excited to be introducing the Advanced Sili-gel to our product portfolio,” says Geneviève Bibeau, SkinCeuticals Canada General Manager. “This clinically proven high-quality scar treatment is ideal for scars due to incisions post-surgery as well as for scars caused by wounds like burns, scrapes and cuts. The smooth and clear texture is to be loved by everyone.”

Officially launching in June and priced at $148 CAD, Canadians can purchase Sili-Gel in salons or online at Skinceuticals.ca.

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