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Shubhman gill, a name that is directly proportional to winning big for India, has been stricken with dengue. It has been a huge setback for the entire team and cricket fans, who have been desperately waiting for him to play at the World Cup 2023. Without even a spec of hesitation, we can say Shubhman has been one of the finest batters for India, especially in the ODI. here’s all the feed on his health and the upcoming India v/s Pakistan match presence.

Why is Shubhman not playing in the World Cup of 2023?

One of the most prolific batters of all time, Shubhman Gill, was diagnosed with dengue just a week before India’s first World Cup match against Australia. The 24-year-old cricketer landed in Chennai for the match and wasn’t doing well for quite some time. After running a series of tests, his platelet count was found to be dropped below 1,00,000. Due to the concerning health state of Shubhman, he was admitted to the hospital.

Shubhman Gill was replaced in the first two World Cup matches by Ishan Kishan. Indian Cricket Board notified that he is recovering well and is in a better state now. Team India had decided for him to recover completely before taking him on board again. The Indian cricket team captain, in conversation with the media, stated,

“I mean, obviously, he is sick. I feel for him. But in terms of, you know, me being the human being first, I want him to get well, not the captain thinking, oh, I want Gill to play tomorrow. No, I want him to get well he you know he’s a young guy he’s got a fit body, so he’ll recover he’ll recover quickly”

How does Shubhman’s presence in the India v/s Pakistan match impact the game?

Shubman Gill has been India’s best batter in all forms of cricket, especially in one-day internationals (ODIs). His impressive stats in 2023 prove this. He has been outstanding in ODI World Cup matches, scoring 1230 runs at an average of 72.35, with a strike rate of 105.03. He has played 20 innings, achieving five centuries and five half-centuries. He even scored a double-century against New Zealand in Hyderabad. Gill was the top run-scorer in the 2023 Asia Cup, helping India win the tournament. 

Gill has played 12 matches in the IPL at the Narendra Modi stadium, the same stadium where the CWC India vs Pakistan is scheduled this Saturday. He has scored 669 runs with an average of 66.90 and a strike rate of 159.29. His upcoming ODI at this stadium is a great opportunity for him to maintain his excellent performance on this ground. These stats show how crucial it is for Shubhman to be a part of India vs Pakistan.

Shubhman lands in Ahmedabad for match practice. will he be in the next CWC India v/s Pakistan match?

Today, PTI reported that Shubhman Gill landed in Ahmedabad for his match practice. His arrival has been a ray of hope for both the team and fans. Even though there are two days left until the match against Pakistan, the most important thing for the Indian team is Shubman Gill’s health. He needs to be completely fit for the long tournament.