Simplistic Silhouetted Jewelry : Sarah Madeleine Bru

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Sarah Madeleine Bru launched a new jewelry line, offering a range of pared-back silhouettes offset by unexpected juxtapositions. The range includes curved frames and oversized proportions for an intriguing yet simplistic design.

The jeweler has always had a fascination for the forms of simple things like pears, eggs, etc. Her collection reinterprets these ordinary forms to create elegant jewelry. Customers can wear the jewelry in unique ways to match its one-of-a-kind design. For example, the golden fan earrings are worn across the whole ear.

“With my background in object design, I tend to be drawn in by sculptural pieces, where the shape is really visible – I think I get this result by making my pieces oversized,” as the jeweler describes.

Image Credit: Sarah Madeleine Bru


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