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Skincare-Infused Blushes : Hydrating Liquid Blush

M2U NYC’s Hydrating Liquid Blush recently launched as the brand pivots its position into the skincare-infused makeup space. The brand’s newest product is currently available through its website.

Known for providing consumers with high-quality and high-functioning makeup, M2U NYC targets Gen Z consumers. Shoppers looking to condense their makeup routines and nourish their skin can now turn to the dual-functioning Hydrating Liquid Blush. The indie makeup brand is committed to providing clean, vega, cruelty-free products, including its skincare-infused Blush. Featuring a lightweight formula, the product includes vitamin E and rosehip oil to provide a youthful complexion. Available in four shades, the Hydrating Liquid Blush marks the beginning of the brand’s journey to transition to all skincare-infused products by 2022.

Image Credit: M2U NYC

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