Monday, February 6, 2023

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Skincare-Infused Pyjamas : Hydraknit Sleepwear

PH5’s Hydraknit Sleepwear is the first of its kind to use hyaluronic acid to moisturize the body during sleep. The lab-tested technology combines the benefits of soft, porous and responsibly sourced FSC verified EcoVero viscose yarn with hyaluronic acid molecules that help to deliver “the same beauty properties as face masks and skin care products.”

As fabric makes contact with skin, the molecules are released and the technology that’s packed into the fabric has been verified to last for 40 washes. The content of hyaluronic acid that’s included in the sleepwear is equivalent to 3,500 masks after eight hours of use.

The breathable PJ5 designs, created with zero-waste engineering, help to keep skin feeling plump, hydrated and comfortable. The PJ5 Sleepwear range includes shirts, trousers and shorts for all kinds of sleeping preferences.

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