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Sleek Tailored Premium Outerwear : nobis 1

Nobis presents its latest collection designed for the Fall/Winter 2021 season full of eclectic designs and traditional tailoring. The performance outerwear continues to evolve with the brand, delivering classic silhouettes that are ready to combat the cold in a sleek style approach.

The brand’s co-founder and vice president, Robin Yates states, “With the 2021 Fall/Winter collection, we wanted to shift the focus — stylistically, functionally and visually […] We wanted to further our commitment to adaptive performance and individuality by amping up the versatility and modularity within the new collection.” The designs are prepared for both mild and more extreme weather conditions, offering bomber jackets for light options and parkas when it is colder. It features water-repellant coating, seam-sealed details, and much more.

Image Credit: Nobis

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