Sleek Women Footwear Campaigns : japan s pf

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ASICS introduces a new footwear campaign that spotlights the Japan S PF sneaker model with the Sound Mind Sound Body campaign that spotlights Sofia Solamente, Chaima El Haddaoui, and Anna Sian. They talk about their own testimonies on how they stay rooted and combat the uncertainties of daily life.

The shoe made its original debut back in 1981 and has become a heritage staple item due to its low-cut sleek silhouette and a court-inspired toe box shape. The lateral side of the shoe is marked with a holographic branding detail. It glistens as it hits the light and the toe box is detailed with perforated accents for a touch of breathability. The shoe also has a re=engineered cup sole application for added comfort.

Image Credit: Michael Kusumadjaja, Hypebeast


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