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Sleep Apnea-Detecting Smartwatches : BUZUD

Singaporean electronics company BUZUD has launched two new smartwatches, the DM01 and DM02, which come equipped with sensors capable of detecting sleep apnea by measuring blood oxygen levels while the wearer is asleep.

According to the company, the SpO2 oximeter sensors have been verified in multiple clinical studies, including one doctor-run clinical trial with 3,000+ people. While the unique oxygen-reading sensor is the definite standout of the new watch, it also comes equipped with other notable features. These include fitness-tracking capabilities, as well heart-rate, blood pressure, and body temperature-reading technology.

All of the health-related data can be viewed on BUZUD’s mobile app, which features a specific ‘Health Metrics’ dashboard. Lastly, the DM01 and DM02 boast a more affordable price tag than leading fitness watches while still delivering an array of high-tech features.

Image Credit: BUZUD

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