Solid Perfume Palettes : solid fragrances

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The newest concept from Made By Me puts solid fragrances in a portable palette so that it’s easy for customers to mix and match their favorite scents, and take them all on the go. The colorful palettes resemble other makeup products that are packaged similarly and the highly concentrated formulas can be blended as desired to create the perfect signature scent.

As creator Nathalie Duran describes, “I witnessed the progression of the ability to take ownership of one’s make-up or skincare, in particular through tutorials and influencers. I thought it was a pity not to apply this for perfume and thus bring out one’s personality, one’s inner emotions, but also to be able to break away from it so as not to be confined to the same register.” The palette includes fragrances like All Over U Musk, Candide Blossom and Blitz Fig.


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