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Sophisticated Glove Brands : elegant glove

The inclusion of elegant gloves in one’s attire—whether it is for a special occasion or just because—can certainly elevate one’s look to the heights of sophistication. Cornelia James is a brand, with a rich history, that has worked for over 70 years trying to perfect the art of elegant glove making.

There are a variety of silhouettes offered by Cornelia James. Adeline, for example, is a stunning leather driving glove made out of Ethiopian lambskin leather and Bridgette is a pink summer leather glove that is definitely eye-catching. Hermoine, on the other hand, is a smooth satin opera glove that is perfect for when one wants to “dress to the nines.” For individuals looking for a see-through dream, Arabella is another opera glove made out of tulle.

Image Credit: Cornelia James

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